Sponsor & Brand Partner Enquiry


We partner with businesses, brands, organisations and individuals who have a strong commitment towards social, ethical or environmental causes and are interested in supporting the spa industry towards a more sustainable future.

Founding Sponsors

Founding Sponsors will be critical in supporting us in our goal of reducing the environmental impact of the Spa industry.

As an SSA Founding Sponsor you will become aligned with a social enterprise whose core mission is to promote sustainability. This will allow you to raise your brand perception amongst an influential and affluent consumer and business group.

Founding Sponsor packages are limited to 4 organisations who meet our criteria. Please contact us to discuss your interest.

Brand Partners

As a Brand Partner you will have exposure directly to our members via a range of branded SSA channels.

Our members look to us to provide advice, expertise and research on sustainable product choices in all purchase categories.

You will be connected with spa operators and advisors who are looking for your product and expertise as well as giving you a prominent Profile listing within the members area of the web site.

We’d love to tell you about the full range of benefits open to Brand Partners. Please contact us to discuss your interest.

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