“Each member contributes to a collective improvement in spa practices”

Rob Cooper  |  Co - Founder


How your membership helps your spa and the environment

As an SSA member Spa you will;

Gain an SSA accreditation. An independent and respected sign that you are proactively reducing your environmental impact.

Use our unique impact assessment tool to guide you through the journey to becoming more sustainable and making your green business goals easier to attain.

Benefit from access to the latest data driven and bench marking models you will be able to see how you compare to your local, national and international peers, measured across your performance in the 13 key pillars of spa sustainability.

Get in touch with pre-approved suppliers and products. We research and independently verify products and supplier’s environmental claims so you can save your precious time and be confident in your choices.

Attend our annual Sustainable Spa Buyers Conference.

Be highlighted as an SSA accredited spa on in our directory so that your are highly visible to consumers who choose their spa destinations based upon their sustainability credentials.

Who will benefit?

Profit made by The SSA will be distributed into two main areas

 the spa community

Operators and practitioners will be able to access progressive and targeted education, resources, events and up to date legislation, combatting environmentally negative activities caused by spa industry practices. Spa visitors will have confidence that choosing their health doesn’t come at a cost to the environment.


Communities affected by environmental damage

With the spa industry is in fast growth and not without global environmental effects, the SSA will direct profits into campaigns and efforts that will supported communities affected by water pollution, deforestation, loss of biodiversity, poor waste disposal, natural resource depletion and any other cause we identify that may have been contributed to by the spa operators and users.